About Lane


For as long as I remember I have wanted to be a designer. My father owned an ad agency and I was always tagging along on client meetings, photoshoots and would spend countless hours creating my own logos and pestering my cousin who worked for my dad to teach me how to use illustrator. The driving passion behind everything I do is empathy, Its what I use to drive my user experience decisions, lead a team and my personal ethos that I take into consideration with ever decision I make in life.
I have experience touching in each part of the overall process from working on highly functioning teams. This has helped me drive the creation of new departments and streamline workflows. With a background in marketing and graphic design I focus on creating beautiful experience that marry business objectives with user oriented goals. 

I love birds, the color grey, street art, and weird techno music. I get the most joy out of creating great experiences for unexpected products, such as insurance or bubble wrap. 


"Lane is one of the few people who I've worked with (at any job) that I truly admire. Her creativity, strategic focus and tireless questioning of what's best for the user are the things that inspire me daily in the choices I make. These are also the things that enabled her to successfully create a formal UX design process and build an entire team of UX/UI designers at our company." -Will Linto